Company/Organization Pledge

Personal Leadership – I will educate myself and other top executives in understanding mental illness and best practices in the workplace.

Communication – I will send a memo to all employees stressing the importance of recognizing mental health challenges in the workplace, encouraging employees to withhold judgement against individuals struggling with a mental illness, and expressing the need to move beyond the stigma.

Information – My business/organization will bring a representative from NAMI Florida or its affiliates into the workplace for a presentation such as NAMI’s “In Our Own Voice" to further understanding and empathy about mental illness.

Stigma-Free Workplace – My business/organization will work with NAMI Florida to promote productivity by encouraging open dialogue among employees about mental illness. We will start by distributing and posting NAMI materials for employees and managers.

Helpful Health Benefits – My company/organization will examine employee health and wellness initiatives to ensure availability of effective benefits for mental illness and addiction.

Employee Assistance – I will strongly consider an Employee Assistance Program or ensure my existing program is welcoming to all with mental health issues and effective in providing assistance to them.

Public Awareness – My business/organization will participate with NAMI Florida through linked websites and media awareness in educating the public about how to move beyond stigma.